Getting Started

Learn how to setup Circle so Circle can preform at the best of it's ability in your server.

Inviting the Bot

To get Circle in your server, you're going to need to invite Circle to your server. You can do so here. Once you get to a page saying "CONNECT TO DISCORD" and Circle's name, follow the steps below.

If you don't have the Manage Server permission on your desired server, you cannot invite Circle. Ask a server admin to do so.

  1. Find the "Select a Server" drop down on the page, and click it to reveal a list of servers you can invite Circle to.

  2. Find and click your desired server.

  3. Click the Authorize button.

Boom! Now Circle is in your server waiting to be setup. Learn how to do this in the next section.

Setting up Circle

You may have noticed that there are no settings commands in Circle, and that is because we have a web dashboard that you can use at any time to edit your server's settings. To begin setting up Circle, follow the steps below.

To get started, go to your dashboard and find & select your server in the list of servers you can manage. Once you do this, you will land on a page that looks like this:

Image may be out of date as we update the bot, major changes to the dashboard will be reflected here.

You can edit each plugin by clicking on the blue tabs below your server's name. After each change on a page, you must click the save button. Some plugins have the ability to be enabled / disabled, you can do this by clicking the orange button in line with the plugin name. "Enable Plugin" means that the plugin is currently disabled, and "Disable Plugin" means the plugin is currently enabled. If you need any help with the content on any of these pages, do look in their provided docs on the Plugins tab to the left.

Lastly, as always, if you need any additional help, ask us in our support server.