Circle Premium ⭐️
Donate to Circle to get a really cool role in our Discord server and exclusive perks that will make your server even greater than it already is!

I have a question or concern about premium!
We're always ready to assist you when you need us! Please visit us in our Support Server

Why should I donate to Circle?
We don't want anyone to feel obligated to spend their money on Circle, we promise that we are always going to keep the core features of Circle absolutely free for all of our users.
That being said, people who donate to Circle will get extra perks (exclusive plugins, commands, options, etc.) to enhance their experience with Circle.
All the money Circle generates via your donations will go towards maintaining and developing Circle for future updates.

What does "Access to New Features" mean?
Circle Premium users will have the ability to utilize new plugins, commands, options, and more before everybody else.

Amazing - how do I get Circle Premium?

Go to the Premium Page
Pick a tier of Premium

🎉 Selecting a yearly premium plan gives you two months for free! 🎉
Click the "SUBSCRIBE" button
Our billing portal will open and guide you through the checkout process.
Activate some servers!
Once you've subscribed, you can head to the Account Management Page
Select the server's you'd like to activate.
You can activate any server that Circle is in, even if you're not an admin!
Invite Circle Premium
You can invite the Circle Premium bot here. If you're not an admin, you'll have to ask them to invite it for you!
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