We're very sorry Circle isn't working as expected for you, maybe these steps will solve your problem..? Let's try together.

Read the Docs!

It's always a good idea to give these docs a go on any problem you're having, so please check out the plugin that you're having a problem with and read through it's usage and setup process.

If this doesn't work, continue to the next scenario.

Does Circle have permissions?

Circle must be able to read and send messages in the channels you want Circle to function in. If you want Circle to see every channel, you can give the Circle role the ADMINISTRATOR permission, otherwise you can add Circle to specific channels (if it's not already in the channel) by following these steps.

  1. Edit the channel/categories settings by clicking the gear when you hover over it.

  2. Go to the permissions tab.

  3. Click the plus symbol to add a user/role.

  4. Enter "Circle" to find Circle's role.

  5. Add the role and give it the read, send and embed links permissions.

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Check the Prefix!

Commonly, you could be using the wrong prefix for Circle. The default prefix is c! but your prefix could've been changed by a server admin! To determine your prefix, go to your server's dashboard, the prefix is listed under "SETTINGS". If the prefix you're trying to use doesn't match the one on the site, that would cause Circle to not respond.

If this didn't work, continue to the next scenario.

Are commands restricted to staff?

If commands are restricted to staff only, and you're not a staff, you won't be able to run any commands with Circle. To check if this feature is enabled, go to your server's dashboard, the option is the last one on the page, closest to the save button. If you want to set this option up, give all of your staff the Mod Role, you can set this up here.

Still not working?

We're very sorry that we couldn't help you now, so please visit us in our support server and we'll make things right.