Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions that need to be answered? Let's see if we read your mind and can answer your question here.

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Can I change Circle's username, avatar, or playing status?

Unfortunately, Discord does not yet allow for per-server avatars or playing statuses. If you want to change Circle's username, simply set a nickname.

Can I change Circle's prefix?

Absolutely, check out the General plugin.

Circle isn't responding to commands!

There could be a few reasons Circle isn't responding to you, so let's go through some common ones before we get the team involved:

  1. Does Circle have permissions to read, speak and embed links in that channel?

  2. Are you using the right prefix? (You can mention Circle and run the prefix command to see your prefix.)

  3. Is that a command?

  4. Is the plugin disabled?

If we haven't narrowed down the issue, please contact us so we can set Circle straight!

Is Circle's Verification Safe?

We do not and have never stored your IP or other data at all. There is no possible way for anyone to attain your IP through Circle. If you have specific privacy questions, please see us in our support server.

What programming languages does Circle use?

Circle uses JavaScript, Go, and Vue throughout the bot and website.

How does Circle's image logging work?

Image logging is something not a lot of bots have, it's one of our main features. For that reason, we can't tell you how it works. It's kinda like Aaron's chocolate chip cookie recipe.

How do I delete my data?

Circle doesn't store any of your personal information. You can view our privacy policy here. If you have any further questions, let us know in our Discord server.

Is Circle open source? Can I self-host the bot?

No. We plan to open source some parts of Circle before 2021. We won't be supporting self-hosting, unfortunately.