Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions that need to be answered? Let's see if we read your mind and can answer your question here.

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Can I change Circle's username, avatar, or playing status?

Unfortunately, Discord does not yet allow for per-server avatars or playing statuses. If you want to change Circle's username, simply set a nickname.

Can I change Circle's prefix?

Absolutely, check out the General plugin.

Circle isn't responding to commands!

There could be a few reasons Circle isn't responding to you, so let's go through some common ones before we get the team involved:

  1. Does Circle have permission to read, speak and embed links in that channel?

  2. Are you using the right prefix? (You can mention Circle and run the prefix command to see your prefix.)

  3. Is that a command?

  4. Is the plugin disabled?

If we haven't narrowed down the issue, please contact us so we can set Circle straight!

Is Circle's Verification Safe?

We do not and have never stored your IP or other data at all. There is no possible way for anyone to attain your IP through Circle. If you have specific privacy questions, please see us in our support server.

How do I delete my data?

Circle doesn't store any of your personal information. You can view our privacy policy here. If you have any further questions, let us know in our Discord server.

Someone deleted an image, why isn't it logging?

This answer assumes you have properly setup logging and deleted messages (without images) are still logging. Sometimes Circle can't grab the image before Discord delete's it from their servers so we can't display it. We are researching ways to improve image delete logging.

What is starboard?

Please see

What is a modlog / Why does Circle say "X No modlog setup."?

Please read our article, available here:

What is Circle v2?

Circle v2 is our next major release (no there is no eta for this!!) with a lot of highly requested features (automod, custom commands, auto responder, reaction roles, ability to disable commands).

When will Circle v2 be out?

There is no ETA. Circle only has two developers (both of us have other responsibilities) and v2 is a huge update.

How can someone talk when I muted them??

This is usually an issue with your role permissions. Please read before asking for further assistance in our support server.

Why isn't Circle purging messages?

Check to make sure the messages aren't over 14 days old. Discord doesn't allow us to purge messages over 14 days old. This isn't something we can bypass!

Why does the "bulk delete" option on the dashboard not work? / Why isn't Circle logging purged messages?

We have temporarily disabled this feature. It will be re-enabled soon™️!

How can I support Circle's development?

Thanks for your interest! You can support circle in a few ways, two of them are completely free! You can vote for Circle at and watch the short ad (you can skip it after 3 seconds!) + you can also review Circle at! By voting, you help us get better placement on and you support our ongoing advertising campaigns. Leaving a review helps other users know that Circle is a great choice for their server. Another way of supporting us is by donating at$. While this isn't free, you help to cover the costs of hosting and developing Circle :D