Keep pesty bots, alts, and ban bypassers out!

Getting Started
Navigate to your server's dashboard.
Select the "verification" plugin.
Follow the instructions below.

Setting a verified role

This role will be assigned to members automatically once they complete the verification process.

Select a role from the "verified role" drop-down menu.
Click save!

Stopping automated accounts
Enabling this will automatically kick new accounts and accounts without a profile picture.

Check the "attempt to stop automated accounts" box.
Click save!

Stopping ban bypassers
Selecting this feature will work to prevent from people using VPNs to bypass a ban or joining on an alternate account.

Check the "attempt to block VPNs while verifying" box.
Click save.

We do not save IP addresses with user IDs or any other identifiable information. Read our privacy policy for more information.
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