About the Verification Plugin
Alongside our moderation plugin, we strive to mitigate bad actors before they pose a problem in your server. Our Verification plugin requires joining members to certify they're not a robot, pass some inspections, and more!

Getting Started
Navigate to your server's dashboard.
Select the Verification plugin.
Follow the instructions below.

Getting Members Verified
Circle will attempt to message members when they join directing them to verify via our website. However, it's strongly encouraged to also post the following URLin a read-only channel so members who have their DMs off can still get verified.

Want to let a user bypass verification? Use the c!verifybypass command to allow someone to bypass verification for 10 minutes!

The URL to verify is: https://circlebot.xyz/verify/GUILD-ID

Setting Up the Verified Role
This role will be assigned to members when they successfully complete verification.

Select your role from the verified role drop-down.

The Circle Cuties role will be assigned when members pass verification.

Configuration Options
Attempt to stop automated accounts - If enabled, Circle will also run the verifying member though a series of checks to attempt to stop raidbots.
Attempt to block VPNs while verifying - If enabled, Circle will prevent members using VPNs from verifying, this is good for stopping ban evaders.
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