Circle has a host of different customizations to personalize her moderation protocol. You can find all of those options here.

Getting Started

Navigate to your server's dashboard.
Select the "moderation" plugin. If it's not enabled, you'll need to enable it.
Follow the instructions below.

Setting the Modlog Channel
Circle will log all moderation actions to this specific channel. It's required for Circle to moderate your server.

Select a channel from the "modlog channel" drop-down menu.
Click save!

Deleting Messages when Banned
This is the amount of days worth of messages Circle will delete when a user gets banned.

Select a number, 1-7, from the "ban delete days" drop-down menu.
Click save.

Requiring a Reason for Moderation
Enabling this will require your moderators to provide a reason for every moderation action.

Select the "require reasons on moderation actions" box.
Click save.

Repeating the Reason
Enabling this will append the reason for the moderation action on the confirmation message.

Select the "show reason on mod command confirmation" box.
Click save.

Direct Message when Moderated
Enabling this will have Circle attempt to message users when they get moderated in your server.

Warnings will always direct message the user, regardless if this is enabled or disabled.

Select the "DM users when they are moderated" box.
Click save.
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