Keep in mind your server's moderators and server admins are automatically exempt from automod.

Getting Started
Navigate to your server's dashboard
Select the "automod" plugin. If it's not enabled, you'll need to enable it.
Follow the instructions below.

Setting the log channel
This channel is where all automatic moderations performed by Circle will be logged.

Select a channel from the "automod log" drop-down menu.
Click save!

Choosing max # of automod violations
This will be the maximum number of violations a user can do before they will be punished (the punishment is decided by what you choose for repeat offender action.

Select a number, 1-16, of the max violations your members can commit before getting the repeat offender action in the "max automod violations" drop-down menu.
Click save!

Automod violations last five minutes from the first infraction of the five minute cooldown.

Setting the repeat offender action
This action will automatically be performed when someone reaches the max number of violations.

Select one of the punishments from the "repeat offender action" drop-down menu.
Click save!

Length of repeat offender action (if applicable)
If you selected a temporary action above, you'll need to set its duration.

Type a number as a duration in minutes for your automatic punishment in the box to the left of the above.
Click save!

Ignored Channels / Roles
Circle won't automatically moderate users in the specified channels or with the specified roles. (l a w l e s s n e s s)

If you reply to a users message with the Discord "Reply" feature and you have the "Ping original message author" option enabled, that will count as a mention.
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