Welcome to the Circle Documentation. This docs should answer all of your question, if we haven't answered your question please visit us in our support server.

Circle 1.9 - 9/8/2019

  • We fixed a lot of bugs... I mean a lot of bugs.

  • The times on Circle's epic c!moderations command are now sorted!

  • All of the commands that require you to provide a user (whois and ban, for example) now accept nicknames!

  • We added the c!avatar command so you can steal user's avatars with ease. Just kidding, don't do that. Ask permission first. I know I'm going to be spamming that command to look at NightRaven's cool profile pic :D

  • While we were in the mood of adding new stuff, we added c!members! This command lets you see exactly who is in a role. It's pretty fun.

  • c!whois will now show multiple users if Circle finds them. user user user user user user user user user user user user user user.. oh yeah, there's a limit of like 50, but that's ok.

  • We redesigned the commands page.

  • The lock command now supports temporary locking of channels! Circle is sad because she'll have to remember when to unlock your channel.

  • We made the purge command admin only. Sorry, purge-hungry moderators :(

  • All of the server admin only commands got their permissions changed, they require users have the Manage Server permission.

Circle 1.8 - 8/21/2019

aaron is away. so flatbird wrote this.

  • c!purge no longer purges pinned messages.

  • You can now choose to direct message users when moderation commands are executed on them.

  • We've added a softban command! This command bans a user and immediately unbans them to kick them and delete their messages.

  • You can now clear a users warnings! Give c!clearwarn a try.

  • The modlogs and moderations commands have been made way faster!

  • We've fixed a lot of bugs and done lot of internal updates to make Circle run smoother.

  • Circle moved houses... I mean, servers.

Circle 1.7 - 8/6/2019

We love everyone that uses Circle, and their devices too <3

  • You can restrict the c!say command to moderators only, no more people being weird with it. :D

  • We redesigned some parts to accommodate for mobile users, love u xoxo

  • We also redesigned some parts of the site to add new stuff. mobile users cant take all the cake now lol

  • We're also ditching the commands list page here in favor for this one. The one here is average, nobody likes average...or aaron...


Circle 1.6 - 8/3/2019

This update is small but packs a security punch!

  • Added the verification plugin, no fakes or weird people now.

  • Circle will log when a role gets updated, no more sneakiness <3

  • Changed the web interface slightly because we felt like it

  • Autoroles can now be turned off without turning off the entire welcome plugin. FEATURE SMACKDOWN

  • We merged the tempban and ban command into one so it's not annoying. :D

  • Fixed some bugs...this one we identified as Conor is still around tho

Circle 1.5 - 7/28/2019

We made some improvements to Circle...we're sorry about that!

  • Modlogs are no longer immune to your settings, and will be compact if you want them to be.

  • We also edited the compact logging...it looks great now.

  • You can now ping Circle as a prefix...now not annoying!

  • Added the c!quote command, quote everything.

  • Have your starboard ignore channels like bird ignores errors

  • We also fixed some bugs.

Circle 1.4 - 7/18/2019

  • Internal improvements, it must've been 2AM when we wrote some if Circle istg...

  • No more false accusations when a message gets deleted by a moderator! hahaha

  • Ignoring Channels from Circle's jedi logging is now a thing. :)

  • Save time customizing Circle to your heart's content with the bot nickname option.

  • Created some new commands because we felt like it

    • c!nick - allows you to take nicknames into your own hands

    • c!role - change roles in a blink

    • c!plugin - toggle plugins without having to go to our site... :(

    • c!plugins - view the disabled and enabled plugins EZ PZ

    • c!roleinfo - get information on a role, K N O W L E D G E

  • We changed the command responses to better ones, whoops.

  • We squashed a bug in the c!say command, it was desperate for some round-up.

  • Circle backed down on the channel updates logging and made sure it could actually get the info before sending the message.

  • Added the ability to have multiple mod roles - expand your team!

  • Added the option to require your moderators to provide reasoning. Why did we do this again?

  • Toggle Circle showing the reasoning behind the moderation action on the confirmation message.

Also, your feedback is greatly appreciated on these docs! If we've left anything out, or could've done a better job somewhere, please shoot Aaron a dm.

Circle 1.3 - 7/07/2019

  • Fixed an issue where Circle would create duplicate case numbers

  • Bug fixes

  • DBL server count is now automatically updated

  • Minor dashboard visual updates

Circle 1.2 - 7/05/2019

  • Added the tempban command

  • Added a "Restrict commands to server moderators" option

  • Added the "modlogs" command

  • Added the "case" command

  • Images deleted in NSFW channels will no longer show in message delete logs

  • Fixed issues in the "warn" command

  • Fixed "Member Update" logs

  • Additional bug fixes

The "modlogs" and "case" commands will only be able to pull up info from moderation cases AFTER this update.

Circle 1.1 - 7/03/2019

Just a small bug fix update.

  • Fixed a lot of bugs

  • Added "fast" login - If you've ever logged into our site before and have since been logged out, this speeds up the login process by skipping the "Authorize Circle" screen

Circle 1.0 - 6/29/2019

Alright kiddos...this is a big one.

  • Added a new, redesigned web dashboard. Check it out!

  • We changed everything on the internal side so everything is faster!

  • We moved databases so everything is cool in internet land. (Mongo)

  • We changed the processing behind all of the commands, Circle got some quality learning in.

  • We added a say command to the moderation plugin, NOW NOT BIRD RESTRICTED!

  • We introduced software for perks for these crazy users to give us money...hmm.

  • We taught Circle new ways to help you and your members, bout damn time.

    • Starboard - give your members the ability to save their favorite messages.

    • Fun - a host of fun commands that you can't manage!

    • Welcome - we changed everything so it's no longer dumb, better formatting.

    • Logging - enhance your server with the new logging, compact or not compact - the choice is yours.

  • We improved the other plugins too because they felt left out.

  • Abandoned the antispam plugin in favor of better solutions in the future. The plugin was bad and nobody liked it anyway.

We look forward to releasing more and more plugins on the weekly basis - we just wanted to get version one out as quickly as possible because the old version was old and disgusting. You can see our plans here.

TL;DR - Overall, we just made Circle a better bot to trust with the privilege of protecting and managing your server and your members.

All of the developers are human and we do commonly oversee bugs, if you find a bug, please report it to us.